Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strength of fathering.

  Men are abandoning their girlfriends and wives and a huge rate in todays world. the man is no longer being in the house and women are starting to say do we even need a man?  This is the question I have for you today because I want to point out that a father is a part of the strength that every young person growing up needs in their life.
  the father's role is vital to the growth of a child.  In Proverbs Solomon talks to his son throughout the book.  Every child needs a father to bring wisdom in their decision making process.  In my own experience I find when my father is around I make much less rash decisions vs when he is not their I tend to jump the gun in the decision making process.
  the father is an integral key to child rearing and cannot be a lost art deemed unecassary by a post modern world.
More to come on this topic.

Quentin Osborn

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